The Sherborn CAC stands for Citizens Action Committee, a group of Sherborn neighbors concerned with ensuring that proposed developments are not likely to endanger health and the environment.
Concerns with the proposed development include:

  • its high density (36 2,500 sq. ft. townhouses on 6 acres – now 32 units with new 12.11.15 site plan following evidence of high nitrogen levels at 4 on-site wells provided by CAC hydrologist Scott Horsley)
  • health issues including the possibility of water contamination from the septic system
  • fire, traffic, and pedestrian safety issues
  • wetlands and other environmental issues

The review process of the proposed Fields at Sherborn development by Town boards is complete. The Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) granted the Comprehensive Permit with Conditions for the Fields at Sherborn on Tuesday, May 3, 2016.

Conditions on the Fields at Sherborn development were agreed upon through several deliberation hearings between ZBA and Ben Stevens of Trask.

The Fields was the first Comprehensive Permit application to come before Sherborn’s Boards in 14 years. Many of Sherborn’s citizens volunteered time to learn the process and better understand nuances of safety and feasibility of large development in Sherborn. Both our Town Board Volunteers and neighbors who attended hours of meetings. The library of documents from the process will continue to remain available on this site.

Since Ben Stevens of Trask has chosen to appeal the Comprehensive Permit Conditions to HAC, as well as work by Conservation and Board of Health, those updates and documents as they happen can be found here: Fields at Sherborn – Updates related to the Appeals Process

check out documents and links
to find letters from Dan Hill, Scott Horsley, Pat Garner and others as well as the video links to recorded meetings for more information

The Fields at Sherborn project is before the Town as a 40B comprehensive permit project. In exchange for a streamlined permit process, the developer/applicant agrees 20-25% of the units built will be regulated affordable units.

Historically there has been a general trend of Mass Housing determining the needs of affordable housing override local bylaws. Sherborn is unique having all private water and private septic (along with a handful of other towns in the Commonwealth). Local bylaws protect the drinking water resources of its Town residents.

The current Fields at Sherborn proposed development is one project of many more we expect to come before the town. Our work has important ramifications beyond this proposed development. It sets a precedent that other 40B projects in Sherborn will need to ensure protection of health and the environment. It is essential to the health of our community and surrounding areas depending on drawing water from the region’s water supplies, that Sherborn’s groundwater and her wetlands be protected.

Sherborn Aquifers Mapped

Sherborn Aquifers Mapped

2006 Open Space and Recreation Plan
Dark Blue area is High Yield Aquifer
Med Blue area is Medium Yield Aquifer
Light Blue area is Low Yield Aquifer

The most important help you give going forward is to attend Open Meetings to be the eyes and ears within the community overseeing the process is of great value.

For the now complete Fields at Sherborn Comprehensive Permit Process, the Citizens Action Group is grateful for the outpouring of funds from neighbors throughout Town, not only abutters, enabling the CAC to bring specialized environmental and 40B legal assistance to the process in the form of attorney Dan Hill.

We believe this citizen supported assistance provided our Town Boards with expert scientific help from wetlands scientist, Pat Garner, and hydrologist, Scott Horsley and provided an education and framework for steps to carefully analyze proposed development projects of similar scale.