02.29.16 BOH Final Hearing Update

The Board of Health held a marathon 6 1/2 hour hearing on Monday, February 29th from 5:30 pm till midnight.  Thank you to many who attended.  Much of the meeting was tied up with the detailed process of giving all board members a chance to discuss each and every item the applicant is requesting a waiver or variance on in order to compile a detailed document containing recommendations for the Zoning Board.

Of key interest, the Board of Health, in their interpretation of Title V bedroom calculation, applied the rule of new single family homes being at least 3 bedrooms and therefore voted to consider the bedroom count for the septic design as 96 bedrooms, based on 32 homes.  The attorney for the applicant suggested this was a de facto Title 5 septic permit denial.

For the last couple months disagreements concerning validity of several test pit and groundwater well monitoring data points have made mapping groundwater difficult.  Several maps have been redrawn over the negotiations between the peer reviewer and engineer, causing things to feel like a moving target.   Only in the last week was it determined the applicant’s engineer, Deshang Wang, mistakenly mixed field notes and data points.   Also a number of data points being used were never witnessed by Sherborn’s BOH agent, Mark Oram.

Because of the ongoing question regarding data accuracy, it was determined Mr. Wang and Mr. Oram would visit the Fields at Sherborn site today (Tuesday 3/1) at 4:15 pm to read all of the monitoring wells and check groundwater to be able to apply real time data.

In order to allow new data readings be part of the complete record, the final Title V decision was continued to be decided by the Board of Health at their meeting tomorrow evening (Wednesday, March 2nd at 7 pm).

Scott Horsley, hydrologist on behalf of the CAC, was able to provide his analysis of the latest site plans submitted February 22nd.  Several wells were moved by the applicant out of the AOI (area of influence) of the septic field following his February 18th presentation, and work presented by Jim Vernon.  Mr. Horsley believes the neighbor’s well continues to be at risk and those relocated wells are now in an AOI and at risk from the stormwater runoff.  You can view 02.28.16 Horsley Letter with Maps in PDF form here.

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