Jim Vernon, Town Hydrologist, Presents Preliminary Findings

James Vernon, Ph.D., Town-Sponsored Independent Hydrogeologist, Nobis Engineering

  • Present information does not justify a conclusion of “No Impact.”
  • Impacted groundwater from the SDS flows south, but detailed fate unknown.
  • High nitrate at “Impacted Wetland” very likely.
  • High nitrate in overburden at Well J at least 50% likely.
  • High nitrate in bedrock at neighbor’s wells a real possibility.
  • Key analyses depend on groundwater contour map.
  • Recommend additional groundwater level monitoring points and revised contouring, by hand, where data allows.

Preliminary Findings – Presented to the Board of Health, Thursday, February 11, 2016
CLICK HERE to open PDF of handout from the meeting

  • half-mile-radius-wellsBedrock-Fracture-Map

For more information about Bedrock Fractures – Click here for information from the EPA

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