Update on the Fields at Sherborn

The Board of Health denied the title V application for a conventional (under 10,000 gpd) septic system on March 2nd with a written decision dated March 4th.  The wording of that denial can be found here: BOH Decision Letter 3-4-16

On April 15th Ben Stevens filed an appeal of the BOH Title V decision with the Land Court.  Here is a copy of that appeal: Fields at Sherborn Complaint.   The BOH is working with Town Counsel on the appeal.  At this time it is a closed process of gathering materials.  No written response is required by the town at this time.

On May 3rd the ZBA granted approval of the Comprehensive Permit for the Fields at Sherborn.  This decision can be found here: Final ZBA Decision 5-5-16

On May 20th Ben Stevens filed an appeal with the Boston Housing Appeals Committee (HAC) of the ZBA’s decision.  This appeal may be found here:  Initial pleading of appeal 5-20-16


Regarding the inherent risk of any septic system on the same property as drinking water, here is a study from 2010 discussing life cycle of common flu viruses and other contaminants found in most septic systems.  Over time migration of waste effluent through soil particles eventually attenuates risk of affecting on site drinking water.  This highlights the need to maintain proper safe separation distances between septic and wells for conventional septic systems.

Onsite Sewage Treatment and Disposal Systems: Viruses1– Mary Lusk, Gurpal S. Toor, and Thomas Obreza2


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